New Fat Loss Device

Innovative new weight loss technology taps into your body’s natural fat regulating mechanisms to help you lose fat without painful dieting or strenuous exercise.

Give Fat The Freeze

How Does It Work?

Fat freezing systems target specific kinds of metabolically inert fat cells, called white fat, which is particularly sensitive to exposure to certain moderate low temperatures. After several weeks of consistent use, it literally freezes the fat off, which is reabsorbed and excreted into the blood flow.

Who Can Benefit?

The best candidates are those who are already within 20 to 30 percent of their ideal body weight and are struggling with the last few areas of stubborn fat loss. Body fat freezing will be most effective when used alongside a moderate exercise program and healthy eating habits.

Is It Painful?

No. The process of freezing the fat off occurs subcutaneously, or underneath the skin, so there is no pain or permanent damage. Studies have shown no serious side effects, and you should be able to comfortably surf the internet, watch television, or even sleep while you are doing your treatments.

Check It Out!

With consistent daily usage to freeze fat off, most begin to see results between three and ten weeks of daily treatment. Finally get rid of those last unwanted bumps and bulges, check out this new fat-eliminating technology today.

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